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An interview with the late Sonia Rosa-Velez, daughter of WIRTH member Pascual Rosa, and her husband Eliud Bonilla

How does a Puerto Rican man match a Jewish DNA group?

Perhaps the biggest mystery in the WIRTH Group is Pascal Rosa.  While nearly every WIRTH member was aware of Jewish ancestry, Pascal Rosa was not.   His family has been living in Puerto Rico for a few centuries, before Jews were legally allowed to live on the island.  Is he a descendant of the many Crypto-Jews who made their way to Puerto Rico in order to avoid the inquisition?  Or is he a descendant of a Jewish person who snuck onto the island under the nose of the authorities?  Pascal Rosa's Family Finder autosomal tests show no Ashkenazi background, but do show a Middle Eastern background, which is suggestive of possible Sephardic ancestry.  In this video, the late Sonia-Rosa-Velez tells about her family's background, and her husband Eliud Bonilla talks of a surprising discovery that he made thanks to DNA testing.

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