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IAJGS Presentation 2013

August 2013


At the IAJGS annual conference in Boston in 2013, Richard Gussow, Elise Friedman, Janet Akaha and Rachel Unkefer presented "The “WIRTH” Project:  Y-DNA and Documentary Research Collaborate to Find Ancestral Origins".  Dedicated to the memory of Herb Huescher

DNA and Jewish Genealogy Join Forces

September 2007


Article in Avotaynu Summer 2007 written by Herb Huebscher and Elise Friedman on the WIRTH Group 

Y-DNA and Documentary Research Collaboration
Reveals Ancestral Origins

Spring 2014


Article written by  Rachel Unkefer, Janet Billstein Akaha, Richard Gussow, and Elise Friedman on the collaboration between two DNA projects:  The WIRTH Group and the Jews of Frankfurt Group.

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